How to Teach Your Kids to Clean House

When it comes to getting your kids to help with chores around the house, you might have found that it’s hard to get them motivated. It can be a lot of work at the beginning to teach kids how to clean up their messes, let alone help you with actual cleaning around the house. But, it’s very important to teach them these important life skills, and we can help with some easy (and fun!) ways to get your kids to help you clean up your space at home. Here are some helpful tips.

Tip #1: Define what clean means.
Before you set out on putting your kids to work around the house with you, make a checklist of things that the kids can refer to with pictures if needed.  Determine which “to-do” items are the most important to complete and which ones you think they can do easily. Once they get that routine down, you can start introducing more later down the road. Some simple to-do items could be putting laundry in the laundry basket/hamper, put their clothes away, vacuuming the floor, or making the bed.

Tip #2: Make it fun.
If you don’t love cleaning your home and dread trying to get your kids to help with it, try making it fun. How? Crank up the music. In between completed checklist items, have an impromptu family dance party. Find things that your kids would enjoy along the way to encourage them to keep going. Even if it means giving them a reward like a piece of candy or an extra 20 minutes playing a computer game at the end of the completed task list, these can be ways that can help keep them motivated to finish the tasks at hand.

Tip #3: Set a good example.
Kids see what we do and they will model that. So, if you show that you take pride in your home and its cleanliness, they will pick up on that. If you show that you have a positive attitude about cleaning, they will also sense that.

Tip #4: Work as partners.
One of the best motivators for kids is to work together as a team with you. A child is less likely to stay on task if he/she is sent off to his room alone to tackle a cleanup. When it comes to chore time, work together at first until your child knows the routine and how to properly complete the task. If your kids know that you’re working alongside, they will likely be excited to show you their work and get some positive reinforcement from you along the way.

The lessons that you teach your children – both big and small – will build a solid foundation for their future and give them the tools to be a successful adult, especially when it comes time to move out to a place of their own. And remember, if you are looking for additional housekeeping assistance or regular deep cleans of your home, our team at Fresh Nest Cleaning is ready to help, so contact us today!

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