Back to School: How cleanliness in your home can keep your family healthy

Back to school time can also lead to more exposure to germs, so it’s important to keep your home clean to help minimize illnesses that can cut into school attendance.  Here’s how cleanliness in your home can keep your family healthy this autumn.

Reason #1: Clean homes can reduce stress.
If you live in a messy and cluttered home, chances are, you’re subconsciously reminding yourself of all of the work that needs to be finished. Too much clutter can cause stress, especially if it means you’re losing things due to the mess. This means it could take longer to find things or you don’t have a place to rest comfortably, and over time, your stress level will rise. With increased stress, your immune system will weaken, and that means you’ll be at greater risk for getting sick this fall and winter.

Reason #2: Clean homes can reduce allergy and asthma symptoms.
If your bedding, carpet, rugs, or other upholstery is dusty or full of pet dander, you could be inviting allergic reactions. Pet hair, mold, dust mites, and dirt can decrease the quality of air you’re breathing and this could trigger allergies or asthma. De-cluttering and making sure floors, carpets and other areas are cleaned regularly is very important.

Reason #3:  Clean homes reduce the spread of germs.
Germs – no one likes them! Rid your home of germ-ridden spots by staying on top of regular cleaning. The kitchen has been named as one of the dirtiest places in the home, so make sure the counter tops are cleaned thoroughly after every use, especially if you are preparing raw meats. Gastrointestinal illnesses can be spread through contaminated food and if your kitchen is properly cleaned and sanitized you will reduce your chance of developing food poisoning. The bathroom is another area that needs special attention on a regular basis. Be especially aware that the toilet flush and sink faucet handles can house lots of germs, so be sure to sanitize them on a regular basis.

Does the thought of cleaning your home regularly make you cringe? Or, perhaps you simply don’t have the time that it takes to keep your home cleaned the way you need. Contact Fresh Nest Cleaning today for a free quote on your home!

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