Why You Should Clean Your Heating & Cooling System

Fall is here and the chilly mornings have returned. School is in full swing and it’s likely that the busy day to day routines have kept you occupied. Keeping things clean around your home is important, not only so things look great, but did you know that your heating and cooling system also needs to be cleaned? Here’s why.

#1: The air you breathe matters.
Clean air translates to a healthier home environment, and that means you’ll have less illness and germs transferred around. If your heating and cooling system is full of dust, dirt, and other debris, this will be pushed into your home through the vents. Keep air filters in your system clean by removing them and either replacing them or scrubbing them with soap and water.

#2: A dirty heating and cooling system could cause breakdowns.
Not only is the air quality affected by a dirty system, but the machine itself could be compromised over time if it’s not taken care of. Not regularly cleaning the air filters will cause your system to work harder and become less efficient. This will cause the air flow to slow down and it will take longer for your system to heat or cool your home. This means you’re wasting significant energy over time and you could see a spike in utility bills. In addition, having the system work harder could cause the machine and inner parts to work harder, ultimately causing a system breakdown. No one wants to have your furnace break down right when the cold air hits, so make sure to maintain things regularly.

Not sure if your heating and cooling system needs to be cleaned?
Filters should be changed every one to two months. Another sign that your filters need to be cleaned is if you notice a musty smell coming out of the machine. Also, if you have allergies and pets, you may want to consider cleaning the filters more often, as pet hair and dander can build up and clog the filter or vent, which could cause the system to become weak.

If you have a home with ductwork, call a professional duct cleaning company to help clean the ducts that may be clogged with contaminants. This could also push a lot of dust into your home, making it harder to stay clean. Once your system is clean, contact our team at Fresh Nest to set up routine house cleaning services. We’ll stay on top of everything for you, so you don’t have to worry about dusting or cleaning your home all the time.

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