Steps For Deep Cleaning Your Home


This year’s winter in the Pacific Northwest has been warmer than usual and we’ve had more sunny days! The sun may make you feel motivated to do some spring cleaning, even though springtime is still several weeks away.  Now is a great time to do some deep cleaning in your home or commercial building. Here are some tips on how to most effectively deep clean your space.

Tip #1: Organize.
If your space is cluttered or if there are spaces that are difficult to access because of accumulated items, it’s difficult to clean well. So, before you get your cleaning products out, start with some organizational efforts, first. Tackle one room at a time. Set aside a pile to keep, a pile to donate, and a pile to sell, either online or at a yard sale. Be vigilant about getting rid of things that you haven’t used in a long time. If it’s sat unused in your closet or cupboard for a year, you probably don’t need it.

Tip #2: Start cleaning high to low.
Start in the furthest top left corner of your room and work your way down. Dust the top ceiling corners to get rid of cobwebs and dust, wipe down walls, cupboards, and countertops next, then finish by mopping the floor. Everything that you’ve dusted or wiped down from the top will land on the floor, so it’s always good to sweep and mop at the very end to gather all of the accumulated dirt once and for all.

Tip #3: Start with the dirtiest room.
Did you know that the kitchen is the dirtiest space in the home? When you’re ready to dive into your deep clean, start in the kitchen. The oven is a great thing to tackle first. Remove the racks and set them in the bathtub to soak with soap and water. While they’re soaking, clean the inside of the oven with a Brillo pad and it will soon look like new! Take the racks out and wipe them down with a Brillo pad, too. Then clean the kitchen sink thoroughly and wipe down the outside of your cupboards and countertops.

If you dread the idea of deep cleaning, don’t worry. Our team at Fresh Nest are the pros when it comes to deep cleans for your home or commercial building, so you won’t ever need to deep clean again if you don’t want to. Our appointment slots are filling up quickly, so contact us today for a residential clean or commercial clean to make sure you get an appointment. You’ll be able to enjoy the end of winter and look forward to the upcoming switch to springtime even more with a clean space to live and work in!

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