How A Clean Home Makes It Easier To Live With A Chronic Illness

Living with a chronic illness or living with a loved one with a chronic illness impacts your entire life. A couple years ago, one of the loved ones on the Fresh Nest team experienced a chronic illness that resulted in his second life saving kidney transplant. However, while we waited for his match, we had to undergo daily medical procedures that were incredibly stressful and time consuming. It affected all of us in all areas of our lives. Financially, spiritually, time, physically and emotionally. Many of the areas impacted were outside of our control. From interaction with others experiencing similar situations, we know that we are not alone in this experience. How you or your loved one is feeling physically and the resulting physical limitations, can perhaps be comforted and assisted with symptom management, but cannot be remedied.

But you do have control over many things, and it is important to feel empowered in those areas.

It is easy to measure and acknowledge our physical limitations, we don’t really have a choice in the matter. If you’re physically bed-ridden, for example, you won’t be expected to perform a task that would require you to be out of bed. Yet, we often ignore our mental health and the importance of caring for our emotional well-being during trying times of chronic illness.

One area, we often neglect to contribute to our mental health is our environment. A 2016 in-depth study by researcher, Catherine A. Roster, found that, “Clutter has a strong negative impact on feelings of security, safety and other positive emotional benefits derived from a sense of psychological home…including subjective well-being.” Roster, Catherine & Ferrari, Joseph & Jurkat, Martin. (2016). In other words, it would be difficult to maintain a positive outlook about factors outside of your control, when in a cluttered and dirty environment.  

With Fresh Nest, we believe that an orderly and clean home is a key factor in health. We want to assist others in improving their quality of life. We strive for open communication to create personalized plans of either one time or weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning that not only ensures a sanitary environment but assists with tackling the details of cleaning so you can focus on the more important things going on in your life.

Whether you are occupied with caregiving for another or are experiencing an illness, yourself, you have a lot going on and deserve to have a stress-free, clean and sanitary home. Take control over one area by delegating the cleaning to Fresh Nest. We are honored to be a part of your process in healing.


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