Mother’s Day

Carole King’s voice crooned out from the open windows of my home as I approached the house after getting off of my school bus. I opened the front door and before me was my mom in a tie dye shirt, sweats cut off to be turned into shorts, a bandanna tying up her red hair, holding a mop and…rocking out!
“I feel the EARTH MOVE UNDER MY FEET!” my mother sang along, stomping her feet as if she was preparing for a sumo wrestling match rather than dancing and cleaning our home.

Her back was turned to me and with the music so loud, she hadn’t noticed that I had come in. I let her continue to finish the chorus before tapping her on the shoulder to inform her of my
arrival. My mother was unphased by my smirk and continued to carry on, dancing/stomping and mopping the kitchen floor.

I looked around, the home was noticeably cleaner. I could see the tracks of the vacuum criss crossing the carpet and the familiar cobwebs from winter had been wiped from all the corners.

I loved my home feeling fresh and clean. The spring sunshine coming in through the windows and warming the furniture and the smell of fresh air pushing out the staleness of being cooped up too long for so many months. Spring time meant many things in my home and loud music and once a year chores were one of them.

My own mother was not a super clean person. For every memory like the one I shared, there are others of me complaining about the overflowing junk drawer and taking on extra tasks, myself, to keep our home from getting too messy. I know she tried her best, and when she could, she made sure to not stop cleaning until her favorite album had looped at least twice.

Not everyone has a favorable memory of their mother and not every one even has a mother. Some spend this upcoming holiday mourning that person they lost or never had. The Fresh
Nest staff honors those people, as well, and hopes they find solace in other memories that bring them joy. Or perhaps, they can borrow this memory of my own mom, crank up their radio and clean and dance to their own favorite songs.

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