Mother’s Day

Carole King’s voice crooned out from the open windows of my home as I approached the house after getting off of my school bus. I opened the front door and before me was my mom in a tie dye shirt, sweats cut off to be turned into shorts, a bandanna tying up her red hair, holding a mop and…rocking out!
“I feel the EARTH MOVE UNDER MY FEET!” my mother sang along, stomping her feet as if she was preparing for a sumo wrestling match rather than dancing and cleaning our home.

Her back was turned to me and with the music so loud, she hadn’t noticed that I had come in. I let her continue to finish the chorus before tapping her on the shoulder to inform her of my
arrival. My mother was unphased by my smirk and continued to carry on, dancing/stomping and mopping the kitchen floor.

I looked around, the home was noticeably cleaner. I could see the tracks of the vacuum criss crossing the carpet and the familiar cobwebs from winter had been wiped from all the corners.

I loved my home feeling fresh and clean. The spring sunshine coming in through the windows and warming the furniture and the smell of fresh air pushing out the staleness of being cooped up too long for so many months. Spring time meant many things in my home and loud music and once a year chores were one of them.

My own mother was not a super clean person. For every memory like the one I shared, there are others of me complaining about the overflowing junk drawer and taking on extra tasks, myself, to keep our home from getting too messy. I know she tried her best, and when she could, she made sure to not stop cleaning until her favorite album had looped at least twice.

Not everyone has a favorable memory of their mother and not every one even has a mother. Some spend this upcoming holiday mourning that person they lost or never had. The Fresh
Nest staff honors those people, as well, and hopes they find solace in other memories that bring them joy. Or perhaps, they can borrow this memory of my own mom, crank up their radio and clean and dance to their own favorite songs.

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Staying On Top Of Chores

We know that not everyone can afford to hire a housekeeper, at Fresh Nest Cleaning, our goal is to help you improve your quality of life by keeping a clean and tidy environment. That’s why we have included a list of tips and tricks we have found to help you stay on top of your chores while also working or managing a family.

Write a List
Sometimes it is helpful to write down a check off list of all of the tasks that should be done in each room. Then, determine which should be done daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Daily
tasks should not take more than 15 minutes to complete.

Small Goals Equal Big Success!
If you are feeling overwhelmed, start small. Decide what one task is manageable and start there. Don’t attempt to re-organize all of your paperwork when your laundry has not been put away. Begin with easier, shorter tasks that can be maintained with little effort.

Put Away Distractions
Set your phone to “do not disturb” or “airplane mode.” Turn off/log off your social media accounts on your devices to eliminate notifications that may prompt you to want to take a break and respond.

Pick Some Tunes
Music has been shown to boost productivity. Pick something that keeps you moving and motivated!

Set a Timer
Many experts suggest setting a timer for 15 minutes and trying to get as much as you can done, within that time frame. Often, I find that encourages me to want to complete the rest of my daily tasks for that room.

Maintain It
Resist the urge to put off small daily tasks for later. When your laundry is done, put the load away in the drawers and the closet. The 10 minutes to do so will prevent you from having to spend 30 minutes putting away multiple loads, later. Removing clean dishes from the
dishwasher and putting them away, will prevent dirty dishes from piling up in the sink. Cleaning up after yourself always makes it easier in the long run.

Give Yourself A Reward
Plan so you have some time to reward yourself for your effort. Perhaps, you enjoy a nice long shower or bath in your clean bathroom or you fix yourself a quality meal in your organized
kitchen. You deserve it.

Do you have suggestions on how you stay on top of cleaning and chores? Let us know in the comments below!

Spring Forward with Goals

We are about a quarter of the way through our year and many individuals have long ago forgotten their resolutions for 2019 and have quickly jumped back in to old patterns and habits.

But with the spring comes a new hope and sense of renewal. The idea of “out with the old, in with the new” seems to rebloom with a newfound optimism as we plan upcoming tasks of spring cleaning and summer vacation.

Although the staff at Fresh Nest Cleaning recognizes that beauty, value and even well being is not defined by weight, we also recognize that for some, the number on the scale can be a tangible method for tracking progress towards certain personal health goals.

A recent article in was titled, “House dust may promote weight gain thanks to common household products: study.” The article referenced a Duke study in which they found that certain cleaners had chemicals that were found in dust in which also had children that were overweight. The study is comprehensive but definitely correlational. (

Yet, what also can be said is that lingering dust affects your health and weight. Previously, Fresh Nest wrote a blog on how clutter and dust can also alter and affect your mental health and even symptoms of chronic health. The importance of keeping your home clean and tidy continues to be affirmed with every study.

Dusting is including in all of our individual and personalized cleaning plans. Additionally, we have tools that allow us to reach even vaulted ceilings.

Fresh Nest Cleaning uses only the best quality cleaners with minimal impact on the environment including pets. We value transparency and encourage our clients to communicate if they have any concerns or questions regarding our used cleaning products.

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Cleaning For Company

“April showers bring May flowers!” That may be what the saying is, but April showers also keep company from being able to enjoy the outdoors when they come to visit. With winter finally
shedding its cold coat, many are eager to get out of the house and visit with friends and family.

But is your home company ready? Washington Post suggests that you prepare for company all year round and has provided suggestions you may not even think to look for, such as plumbing
and guest beds.
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Many sites have given tips about cleaning in a hurry. One tip is to not worry about cleaning what others won’t see. Although it may be true that a party guest isn’t going to check behind your shower curtain while visiting for a birthday party, it creates peace of mind to do a thorough job. Additionally, it allows you to feel confident no matter what comes up. Your master bathroom
may be upstairs and typically unused, but in a pinch, you don’t want to worry about an untidy bedroom and dirty toilet.

Another quick cleaning myth is to just pick up clutter. The idea is that if the room is picked up, guests may not notice if it is clean or sanitized. Fresh Nest recommends you think about the
details. You may forget about discolored sinks and cobwebs in the corners, yet dust on the baseboards can make the whole floor look dingy and a discolored sink isn’t inviting when wanting to wash up.

A closed up home may develop smells, especially if the weather hasn’t allowed you to open up windows and shake out rugs. Check to make sure that your garbage can hasn’t developed any funky odors. The kitchen is a major culprit of holding odor so check the fridge and sink, as well.

Don’t forget the bathroom! The floor around the toilet often develops a stink, and is overlooked during regular cleaning. Without proper cleaning, attempting to mask these smells with sprays will not eliminate them, but will definitely make it worse. If you have pets, make extra time to do a deep clean in rooms the pet may spend a lot of time.

Last but not least, try to schedule time to do deep cleaning throughout the house all month long, to prevent a last minute rush.

If you don’t have time, that’s what Fresh Nest Cleaning is for! We offer deep cleaning and regular maintenance cleaning schedules that are personalized to fit your needs.

Don’t let a dirty home get in the way of your peace of mind when having friends and loved ones over.

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Spring Cleaning With a Chronic Illness

Spring has officially arrived! You know what that means? Baseball, flowers, allergies, LOADS of rain (if you live where I do!) and SPRING CLEANING!! But when you live with a chronic illness, such as Kidney Disease, even keeping up with the day to day chores can be a burden. The idea of dedicating an exceptional amount of time to get into the crevices of cobwebs and yearly
cleanings can be too much to think about.

Spring cleaning may feel like an optional tradition for those who are too busy healing, but according to, it is a necessity to health. states that keeping your environment free of compromising bacteria allows you to be protected while taking immunosuppressant drugs
( Immunosuppressant medication protects new transplant organs from being rejected by the
body. They can also be used when diagnosed with other more common chronic illnesses such as lupus, psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis
( provides a helpful list of trouble areas that can hold compromising bacteria that will
affect your ability to be healthy on immunosuppressant medication. Last week, we discussed keeping the home clean with pets. Others included on the list are the kitchen and garden.

Good Housekeeping has also put together a great comprehensive list that many can reference for their spring cleaning to-do’s on their article, “33 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling Home” (

We at Fresh Nest enjoy meeting with our clients and discussing what will ensure you keep a clean and sanitary home for your ongoing health and wellness. We offer a free consultation that allows you to have a personalized plan for either a one-time, comprehensive spring cleaning
session and/or an ongoing cleaning maintenance schedule. Many of what is included in Good Housekeeping’s spring cleaning list is included in our deep cleaning and/or regular maintenance
cleaning recommendation and options for you.

March is National Kidney Month and we are committed to bringing awareness regarding chronic kidney disease. That’s why 10% of all profits for the month of March will be donated to The National Kidney Foundation.